The Inimitability of a Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

There is a common misconception that diamonds with a yellowish hue are imperfect and less valuable than colorless stones. But as more and more couples prefer the fancy yellow diamond engagement rings, it is becoming increasingly popular. People are going for the yellow diamond as it is a strong and vibrant shade of the color thus creating a unique and beautiful feel.

Basically the quality of the diamond is determined by its colorless characteristics as majority of the diamonds are colorless stones. But sometimes they have a very faint shading of color like yellow or brown which undermines its quality. However when the shading is intense and vibrant, the diamond industry names it as fancy diamonds. Thus the value of the stone is increased and it becomes sought after. The red and pink hues are considered as the rarest even though any shade can be termed as unusual. On the whole, less than two percent of diamonds can be classified as colored.

Amounts of nitrogen in the crystalline structure are traced to form the yellow diamonds. Shades of the color can be seen from a bright canary yellow to a deeper and darker marmalade hue. However the key quality of the diamond color can be related to the intensity and evenness of the tinge. There has been no demand for marbled shades and those that appear washed out. Africa, South Africa and Australia are places from which yellow diamonds are mined. Usually the fancy colored stones are perfect choice as accent stones for colorless diamonds as they tend to be small and looks 鑽石回收. Moreover they are also excellent choice for unique engagement rings and other pieces of jewelry.

The colored diamonds have immense popularity and this leads to the alternative of using treated stones to natural gems. For creating more vivid shades and more desirable intense colors suitable for yellow diamond engagement rings, the existing yellow tones of low quality diamonds are treated with high temperature and high pressure. For creating an artificial tinge, even diamonds are irradiated. During purchase of the diamonds that have received enhancements, you need to look for such details either on the gem’s certificate or by the jeweler.

Stunning yellow diamond engagement rings can be produced in limitless designs. But what you have to consider is the color of the stone since many styles would not b complimentary. When choosing a setting and design, couple should consider the stone’s individual characteristics and precise color. The intense hue of the brilliant yellow diamonds can be preserved in an engagement ring by arranging appropriate cut and shape of the stone. Be cautious of poor cuts as it can reduce the sparkle and brilliance of the gem and make it appear more opaque than it truly is. Since fancy colored diamonds vary widely in hue and intensity, it is best to use only a single colored gem rather than attempting to match many shades. Depending upon the intensity of the color, yellow diamond engagement rings are most attractive when they are set in yellow gold thereby enhancing their unusual color.

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