Plastic Bed Liners For Your Truck Are Better 4 Ways

Bed liners are almost a must to keep your truck in good shape. If you do any serious hauling plastic bed liners may be the very best choice. Sure spray on bed liners look slick and protect well. But they surely aren’t cheap and they can be damaged too. Here’s why a plastic liner is better.

Stop dents.

Nothing makes a pickup bed look worse than a bunch of dents and dings. Here’s where plastic liners really shine. These liners are almost impossible to dent. Plastic liners absorb impacts that damage lesser materials. Sure the best spray on liners absorb a lot of damage, but they’re more rubbery and not as hard and tough as plastic. Damage a permanent liner and it stays damaged until you fix it too. And it isn’t just impacts that are the problem.

No scratches either.

Scratches and scrapes is the other way to send a truck to an early grave. Rust is the real killer. Unless you keep scratches repaired, you’ve got rust. Your plastic bed liner eliminates scratches caused by your load. Take concrete blocks for instance. Haul just a few concrete blocks and you have damaged paint in your bed. No way around it. A spray on bedliner on liner may keep gouges from reaching the bed. But you still may have a damaged expensive liner. Then that expensive looking bed liner doesn’t look so hot until it’s repaired.

That finished look.

Which leads to the looks factor. A pickup just doesn’t look finished without a bed liner. Looks is a matter of opinion, but drop in bed liners look just as good as spray on liners to me. Remember the spray liner is permanent. So any damage to a spray on coating must be repaired or you’re stuck with it. With a plastic bed liner, a damaged liner can just be slipped out and another put in. That works because they’re cheap.

Cheap is good.

The price of a plastic liner is half or less than a spray liner. But you do have some choices of types. The most common drop in bed liner is the one piece, custom made model. These are formed to fit just one model. An alternative to a one piece model is a custom multi-piece liner. There are separate pieces for the bottom, sides, front and tail gate. You may get a better fit with a multi-piece liner than a one piece. Plus they’re easy to ship and install.

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